Of all the ways to experience the beauty and culture of the island, St. Lucia ATV tours are the most adventurous and immersive. An ATV lets you ride either well-traveled paths or off-road trails per your preference. Either way, you spend the day immersed in the beauty of this gorgeous island. Here are our picks for the five best St. Lucia ATV tours.


1. Aanansi ATV Tours

Aanansi ATV Tours is in Fond Assau, Babonneau, St. Lucia’s northeast community. The landscapes there are picturesque and breathtaking. An ATV tour is possibly the best way to experience this unique part of the beautiful island.

The ATVs are fully automatic and easy to ride. Aanansi ATV Tours will pick you up from your hotel or cruise ship. From there, experienced guides will have you complete an orientation exercise before heading out for your ATV tour experience.

The tour is approximately two hours long and covers well-traveled trails that bring you into the nature and history of Fond Assau. The route takes you through modern, working plantations and historic plantation sites. You’ll pass through village settlements and see St. Lucia country living up close.

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2. ATV Paradise Tours

With ATV Paradise Tours, you can immerse yourself in St. Lucia’s beauty in one of two ways. You can take a walking tour and an ATV tour across this expansive and gorgeous private plantation. Escape the bustling pace of town and spend the day on a plantation.

On the ATV tour, have a thrill as you travel through the rainforest plantation fields. The walking tours take you through the farm and sugar mill ruins. No matter the time of year, you’ll be able to taste an array of local fruits. Reservations are available for groups as well as private tours.


3. Irie Lucian ATV Trails and Hikes

This adventurous ATV tour takes you through unseen portions of southern St. Lucia. Your tour guide takes you through exciting trails, which begin in the mountains just south of Soufriere. From Balca, Saltibus, you’ll embark on a two-and-a-half-hour tour, taking you from a working farm to a historic plantation and then to Devils Bridge.

Along the way, you’ll ride through lush valleys and two secluded beaches, where you’re welcome to swim and relax.

This tour is known for the “off the beaten path” trails not usually traveled by the average tourist. At Devil’s Bridge, you can hike down the river if you wish, then follow the magnificent gorge that the water has naturally carved out.


4. Toraille Waterfall ATV Park

The Rainforest Tour takes you along old, beaten-down roads through the local community. On this tour, you’ll explore the renowned spectacular St. Lucia views. You’ll also have a little off-road fun tackling descents and climbs through the scenic valley.

This tour takes you through the abundant greenery surrounding a historic sugarcane estate road. Following your guide’s lead, you’ll ride across rugged dirt trails that take you through the unforgettable landscapes of Soufriere and the rainforest.


5. Mystic Man ATV Excursions

Mystic Man ATV Excursions take you off the beaten track in the southern part of St. Lucia. Your local guide will take you through off-road trails that reveal the island’s hidden treasures, including Devil’s Bridge. You’ll hike to the river, follow the natural gorge, and have time to swim and relax.

You’ll also experience black sand beaches, sample local produce, and learn of St. Lucia’s rich history.