The cuisine in St. Lucia is world-renowned. While there are many restaurants to explore while visiting, there’s something extra special about having a private chef come to your Airbnb Villa and provide an authentic Saint Lucian meal.

The private chefs we provide for our visitors are amongst the most highly rated in St. Lucia. With the capability of catering to small or large groups, it’s a perfect opportunity for guests to have an intimate dining experience. The goal is to create a memorable meal for every guest that surpasses a typical restaurant experience.


Get Meals Prepared in the Kitchen of Your St Lucia Airbnb Villa

Our private chefs prepare the entire meal in the kitchen of your Airbnb Villa. We do our best to talk with every guest to get an idea of any particular dishes to create. We also take into account any food allergies to keep guests safe.

We understand the importance of an outstanding dining experience while visiting any location worldwide. Our chefs allow guests to relax while they take care of everything. After a long day of activities, many guests don’t want to leave their Villas to eat out.

During the peak vacation season, some of the top restaurants on the island have long waits. With our private chef service, you won’t have to worry about dressing up, getting transportation, waiting around to be seated, and all the other hassles of eating out.

We offer on-time scheduling so that people eat when they want. Our chefs are efficient with their work, cutting down on prep time before arrival as much as possible.


Our Private Chefs Provide the Best Saint Lucian Cuisine

Every guest at our Airbnb villas has access to our private chef service. Our chefs have excellent backgrounds in the restaurant industry around the island. We always highlight some of our favorite dishes, but guests can tailor their menu.

Having the opportunity to share our St. Lucian cuisine with guests becomes memorable when done right. The goal of our chefs is to make every meal one of the extraordinary parts of your visit. We aim to turn your Airbnb Villa into a fine dining restaurant so you can enjoy delicious St. Lucia, cousin, with family and friends.